FREE Christmas Activity Book Printable for Kids

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‘Tis the season to infuse holiday spirit into your homeschooling routine!

As a homeschool mom, I understand the importance of a great resource that combines learning with some holiday cheer. That’s why I’m excited to share a FREE Christmas Activity booklet printable, the perfect holiday boredom buster for young children and older kids alike.

Looking to combine learning with some holiday spirit? Grab this FREE Christmas Activity booklet printable, the perfect holiday boredom buster for young and older kids alike.

Free Printable Christmas Activity Book

Here’s a look at what’s included in this printable pack:

  1. Holiday-Themed Learning: Kick off the Christmas time festivities with engaging and fun activities. This printable book includes holiday-themed word puzzles, Christmas word searches and trivia, ensuring a fun way to enhance vocabulary while embracing the Christmas spirit.
  2. Writing Adventures: Foster a love for writing with Christmas writing prompts. This activity page is a fantastic way for older kids to express their creativity and for younger ones to practice letter recognition.
  3. All About Saint Nick: Dive into the history of Christmas with an “All About Saint Nicholas” research page. It’s not just a Christmas activity; it’s an educational journey that adds an enriching layer to your holiday season.
  4. Global Exploration: Explore Christmas around the world with a comparison sheet. It’s a great way for your children to learn about different cultures and holiday festivities, making each page a unique and valuable resource.
  5. Brain-Teasing Word Scrambles: Unscramble the holiday jumble! These word scrambles are not just fun activities; they also provide a chance for your kids to flex their mental muscles and build fine motor skills.
  6. Personalized Letters: Elevate the joy of Christmas with a Christmas letter template. It’s the best part – a personal touch to your holiday correspondence, whether it’s to Santa Claus or loved ones.
  7. Festive Bucket-List: Make the most of the holiday season with a Christmas bucket-list. Packed with fun activities like wrapping Christmas gifts, sipping hot cocoa, and crafting Christmas ornaments, this page is a great way to celebrate the Christmas countdown.
Christmas activity booklet printable

Christmas Activity Set for Your Homeschool

Download these activity pages for personal use and enjoy some holiday-themed learning this season!

Whether you have young children or older siblings in your homeschool, these individual pages cater to a wide range of ages. It’s a versatile resource that adapts to your family’s unique needs.

Access these fun holiday printables in a convenient PDF format. Simply download, print, and begin your month of December filled with themed activities!

Christmas Activity Printables

Free Christmas Printables for Kids

Download your free printables now and make this holiday season a memorable and joyous journey for your homeschooling family.

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Merry Christmas!


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