Encourage the Growth of Your Aspiring Writer with June Writing Prompts

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Writing prompts are invaluable tools we can use in our homeschools. They allow our kids to practice and focus their writing, and they can often lead down some great creative rabbit trails. Spark your kids’ creativity this month with my June Writing Prompts!

As we jump into month 6 of our writing prompts, I’m sure you will agree you have begun to see development in your child’s writing style. Besides a greater comfort level, while writing, these activities help build a child’s confidence, and before long, you may have an aspiring writer in your home!

This month’s prompts focus on sharpening those research skills with writing prompts for days like D-Day, National Flag Day, and Juneteenth.

This will be one skill your child will be grateful for, especially when it’s time for college!

June writing prompts for kids

June Writing Prompts Printable Pack

Here is a list of the National Days included in the June Writing Prompts pack:

  • June 1st: World Reef Awareness Day
  • June 2nd: National Rotisserie Chicken Day
  • June 3rd: National Repeat Day
  • June 4th: National Cheese Day
  • June 5th: National Veggie Burger Day
  • June 6th: D-Day
  • June 7th: Boone Day
  • June 8th: National Best Friends Day
  • June 9th: National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day
  • June 10th: National Ballpoint Pen
  • June 11th: National Making Life Beautiful Day
  • June 12th: National Peanut Butter Cookie Day
  • June 13th: National Sewing Machine Day
  • June 14th: National Flag Day
  • June 15th: National Bug Busting Day
  • June 16th: National Fudge Day
  • June 17th: National Eat Your Vegetables Day
  • June 18th: International Sushi Day
  • June 19th: Juneteenth
  • June 20th: National American Eagle Day
  • June 21st: World Day of Music
  • June 22nd: National Onion Ring
  • June 23rd: National Hydration Day!
  • June 24th: National Swim A Lap Day
  • June 25th: International Day Of the Seafarer
  • June 26th: National Chocolate Pudding
  • June 27th: Helen Keller Day
  • June 28th: National Alaska Day
  • June 29th: International Fisherman Day
  • June 30th: National Work From Home Day

Prompts for days like National Onion Ring Day and National Chocolate Pudding Day have been designed to encourage your young writer to tap into their funny side. 

Creativity and wit, when combined, can make for some beautiful reading!

If you’re new to my site, please don’t feel like you’ve missed out on a lot. You haven’t!

The beauty of these writing prompts is they can be paced according to what works for your child. 

Here are links to the writing prompts from January-May:

I highly recommend printing all six months because this is a catapult to spark that writing bug in your child. 

Ray Bradbury once said, “You only fail when you stop writing.” 

With that said, let the June writing prompts begin!

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