Growing Up Wild: A Great Way to Teach Your Kids About Modern Missions

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You might think “Growing Up Wild” is just a description of a typical homeschool mom’s day…but it’s actually the name of a curriculum that will help you teach your kids about foreign missions! Read on to discover why you should teach about missions and how the Wild Brothers can help.

“Mom, what does a foreign missionary do?” my daughter asked me, while working on some bookwork for her AWANA program.

“Well,” I replied, “they travel the world and share the gospel with people who need to hear about Jesus.” The answer seemed to satisfy her, and she went back to her work.

But I felt a little dissatisfied with my answer. Sure, that’s essentially what a missionary does, but I knew there was much involved in their work. And I began to realize that I was missing a big opportunity by not intentionally teaching my kids about missionaries and they different types of work the Lord calls some people to do.

I have never lived in a remote jungle, nor traveled around the world as a missionary for the Lord. So I was excited to have the opportunity to take a peek into the life of a family who has, through the Wild Brothers Productions missions curriculum, Growing Up Wild.

My family spent a few movie nights captivated by the Wild Brothers and their adventures. And I’m prepared to give a better answer now the next time someone asks me, “What does a foreign missionary do?”

The Growing Up Wild homeschool missions curriculum will inspire your kids to get off the couch, into creation, and share Jesus with others.
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If you’re looking for a homeschool or Sunday School missions curriculum (or even an option for family movie night!), this series is filled with encouraging Christian role models, the truth of the gospel, and an in-depth peek into the lives of foreign missionaries.

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Growing Up Wild Missions Homeschool Curriculum

Growing Up Wild is a 5-volume DVD collection that documents the life of the Wild Brothers (yes, Wild is their real last name!). Throughout 15 short, educational and entertaining episodes, you’ll get a glimpse of what it’s like to grow up as a missionary living in a remote jungle.

The Wild Brothers grew up in Papua Indonesia, taking the gospel to people who needed to hear it. They introduce viewers to the Wano people they live with, and the culture they are immersed in. In filming and sharing their journey, they hope to inspire others to get off the couch, get into creation, and share Jesus Christ with the world.

The Growing up Wild Missions Homeschool Curriculum is geared for grades 4-8, but I think all ages will enjoy watching the Wild Brothers’ adventures! The DVD’s and included activities can be easily used in a homeschool setting, or even in your church or Sunday School program.

Through the Eyes of Missionaries

Each volume/DVD contains three episodes (about 10-15 minutes long apiece). And each episode has a unique theme that not only gives us a glimpse into the brothers’ missionary lifestyle, but ties into God’s Word and proclaims the gospel.

For example, Volume 1 includes:

  • Home Sweet Hut – This episode introduces us to the family and where they are living. We see them building their home in the jungle and giving us a tour of what a typical Wano home is like.
  • Supply Trip – The Wild family shows how they purchase and get the supplies they need (it’s quite a process!).
  • Sun and Water – We learn how the Wilds get running water and electricity to their home using natural resources.
The Growing Up Wild homeschool missions curriculum will inspire your kids to get off the couch, into creation, and share Jesus with others.

Once we got to the second volume, we got even more of a glimpse of the work the family does to share God’s Word with the Wano people. We were all amazed at the process – there is much more to it than I realized.

For example: the Wano people spoke their own language…so before the Bible could be shared with them, the Wild family had to spend time learning their language, create an alphabet, and then begin the process of translating and teaching!

(You can read a bit more about this process here, but definitely check out the episode!)

We want to share with you about our story with Him. It is our prayer that God will raise up men and women who want to live all out for Him, craving to be stretched and used and poured out for His namesake.

– Mike & Libby Wild

At the end of each episode, scripture is shared that ties in with the lesson, along with activity suggestions to try with your kids to reinforce concepts.

Through the series, you’ll be introduced to many aspects of living in the jungle, adventures in culture, amazing evidences of our Creator, and a continued focus on God’s Word.

The videos definitely held my kids’ attentions, and did a great job of introducing us all to what foreign mission work and lifestyle can be like.

Homeschool Activity Guides

Teaching our kids about mission work is important. Not everyone will be called to go to a remote jungle like the Wild family, but kids should learn how to serve God no matter where they are. Learning about foreign missions will help them understand some different opportunities to share the love of Christ, inspiring them to boldly live out their faith.

Growing Up Wild makes it easy to include missions education in your homeschool. In addition to the videos, each episode comes with an activity guide that helps you truly bring the lessons to life.

This PDF file is a recap of the activities shared at the end of the episodes, and it’s nice to have it all written out in an easy-to-follow format.

>>> Check out a sample from an activity guide on their website <<<

You could absolutely just watch the DVDs and learn a ton, but the activity guides will further your learning even more. If you’re using this curriculum in your homeschool, you could watch one episode at the beginning of the week, and then do supplemental activities from the guide over the next few days.

What We Loved About Growing Up Wild

My kids have enjoyed every episode so far, because it’s so different than anything else they have learned about.

Learning about a new culture and what foreign mission work requires has given us all a new appreciation for it. The Wild Brothers clearly have a heart for the Lord and the work He has called them to do, and it shows through every episode.

Growing Up Wild Missions DVD Series

I also love that kids are the focus – I think it really helped my own kids relate to the it. Many times missionaries they hear or read about are adults, so it’s great to show them how people their age can (and are) sharing God’s love in amazing ways.

We are all called to share Christ with others, yet it’s so easy to get comfortable where we are, focusing inward and forgetting what God is doing in other parts of the world. As homeschool moms, I truly believe our homeschools are mission fields, as we teach and train our kids. Let’s make sure we are encouraging and equipping them to learn the different kinds of ways the Lord might be preparing their hearts to serve Him. Growing Up Wild might be a great first step!

Where to Find Growing Up Wild

We all learned many interesting things about foreign missions while watching the series together, and I’m thankful for this ministry that will continue to inspire us to reach others for Christ.

Now, when we think about mission work, we have a clearer picture in our minds. The Wild Brothers are certainly inspiring the next generation of missionaries!

The Wild Brothers also have a free vlog series on their YouTube channel, called “The Wild Way“. Your kids might love checking it out and continuing to follow the brothers on their adventures back in the states!

Have you seen any of the Wild Brother’s DVD’s or episodes? What other resources do you use to teach your kids about missionaries? Drop a comment below!

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