Inspire a Love for Writing With These Holiday Writing Prompts for Kids

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Does your child groan when asked to pull out that creative writing journal?

Or does your child stare at a blank page and moanfully insist there’s nothing to write?

Then you need these Holiday Writing Prompts!

These creative holiday writing prompts will get your kids' imaginative juices flowing!

Creative writing exercises are important for kids because they are a great way to allow them to practice expressing their feelings, stretch their creativity, and work on clearly communicating their thoughts and ideas.

There’s an effective and fun way to help switch on those creative juices, especially if you’ve been looking for novel ways to introduce writing, and the love of it, to your child.

It’s with these Holiday Writing Prompts!

Inspire a Love for Writing During the Holiday Season

This unique set of over 100 writing prompt cards cover each fun holiday, and will encourage your young writer to: 

  • Be creative
  • Think outside the box
  • Develop a stronger vocabulary
  • Become comfortable with the expression of thought
  • Express one’s self with clarity, and 
  • Build on more vital communication skills.
These creative holiday writing prompts will get your kids' imaginative juices flowing!

The Holiday Writing Prompt Cards include popular holidays like Christmas, Easter, Independence Day, and Valentine’s Day, and also holidays that may require a little research to appreciate, like Indigenous People’s Day and Reformation Day.

Each holiday is beautifully designed with related holiday bordering and includes two sheets your child can draw and write in detail in response to the prompt for the day.

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Sample Holiday Creative Writing Prompts

There are six writing prompt cards for a variety of holidays included in the printable pack. Here are some examples of the prompts that will inspire your young writers and help them practice their writing.

New Year’s Writing Prompts

  • A new year means new resolutions. What new resolution are you most excited to start?
  • You’re in charge of the New Year’s Eve celebrations. Describe what your celebrations will look like – decorations, entertainment, food – don’t leave out any details!
  • You are loaned a supersonic aircraft for the day. Which 5 places will you travel to on New Year’s Day and why?

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Writing Prompts

  • Martin Luther King Jr. was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Why do you think he was awarded this prestigious recognition?
  • Write a letter to Martin Luther King Jr. and tell him why you think he is a hero.
  • If you could snap your fingers and make the world a better place, what 5 things would you do? Elaborate.

Valentine’s Day Writing Prompts

  • It’s Valentine month and the stores are wiped clean of candy, chocolates, stuffed toys and flowers. What ideas do you have for Valentine gifts?
  • Write a Valentine’s Day story that includes: a lost dog, a talking flower, and sour candy.
  • What does it mean to “love your neighbor as yourself”? How can you do this?

President’s Day Writing Prompts

  • If I were president…
  • Think about the people you know. Who would be the perfect president and why?
  • Name your favorite president of all time and what makes him your favorite.

St. Patrick’s Day Writing Prompts

  • If I found a pot of gold, I would…
  • You open your backpack and a leprechaun pops out. Nobody can see him but you. What adventures do you both plan to have?
  • St. Patrick’s Day was just declared All Green Day! You are in charge of the menu. What would you serve for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Easter Writing Prompts

  • What does Easter mean to you?
  • Outline the series of events that led to the first Easter morning.
  • Imagine being with Mary as she walked to the tomb that first Easter morning. How would you feel? What’s the first thing you would do when you hear the news?

Memorial Day Writing Prompts

  • What are a few ways your family can show honor to a soldier or a soldier’s family?
  • When you think of Memorial Day, what word comes to mind and why?
  • Do you know a hero? Write about your hero. If you don’t know a hero who sacrificed his/her life, research a local hero and write about him or her.

Independence Day Writing Prompts

  • What are your favorite 4th of July family traditions?
  • If it was up to you to decide, what would be the national symbols of this great nation? Also pick your choices for the national bird, song, and animal.
  • What does “Independence” mean to you?

Labor Day Writing Prompts

  • What qualities make a good worker?
  • When you grow up, what do you want to be? Why?
  • Research and share some ways people celebrate Labor Day.

Columbus Day Writing Prompts

  • If Christopher Columbus was here today, what would you ask him to do differently?
  • When and why is Columbus Day celebrated?
  • What are the qualities an explorer should have?

Indigenous People’s Day Writing Prompts

  • What do you understand by the word “heritage”?
  • Learn about the sort of clothing Indigenous People traditionally wear. Outline your findings.
  • How can you show respect to another person’s culture, tradition, and beliefs?

Halloween Writing Prompts

  • You’re in charge of thinking of 5 safe, family-friendly tricks. What’s up your sleeve?
  • You received 10 pounds of Halloween but your dentist says you can’t have a single piece. What will you do with all of that candy?
  • The doorbell rings. You open the door, and it’s a talking scarecrow. What does he say, and why is he here?

Reformation Day Writing Prompts

  • What are the 5 Solas of the Reformation? Translate and explain each one as you understand it.
  • What role did the Gutenberg Press play in the Reformation?
  • If you could ask Martin Luther anything about the Reformation, what would you ask him and why?

Veteran’s Day Writing Prompts

  • How can we honor the veterans in our community?
  • If you could help defend our country, would you choose to serve in the Army, Navy, or Air Force?
  • Write a letter of gratitude to the veterans in our country.

Thanksgiving Writing Prompts

  • What are you thankful for this year?
  • Write an acrostic poem using the word THANKFUL
  • Everyone’s excited about the family’s Thanksgiving celebrations, but the power line tripped early in the morning. How is the food going to get cooked?

Christmas Writing Prompts

  • If you were one of the wise men, what is the most precious gift you would give baby Jesus?
  • What is your favorite Christmas tradition and why?
  • You were put in charge of wrapping the Christmas presents, but while you were wrapping the Christmas gifts, they all shrink 10 times to size. Now what?

Bonus Holiday Writing Prompts

In addition to 6 prompts for each big holiday, there is also one prompt for some lesser-known holidays, such as Groundhog Day, Cinco De Mayo, Flag Day, Election Day, St. Nicholas Day, and more.

While I have tried to include as many holidays as was possible, I recognize that there may be more you would like to introduce your child to.

For this, I’ve included a blank card template to allow you to write more holiday-inspired prompts you might think of.

How to Use the Holiday Writing Prompts

You will want to file and save these writing sheets, if not for anything else but to look back and see how your child’s writing skills have improved over the course of the year. They can be used and modified for multiple grade levels in your homeschool.

Consider keeping a special binder, notebook, or section in your homeschool portfolio just for all of your kids’ holiday-themed creative writing assignments!

There are a few more fun ways you can use these creative prompts in your homeschool throughout the year:

  • Pull out the journal prompts during the six days leading up to a specific holiday to help you teach about that holiday. Some of the research-based writing prompts will be perfect for this, while others will allow your kids to creatively express what they’ve learned during your lessons.
  • Use the creative writing ideas to help your kids practice their typing. Have them type their responses into a Google Doc and share it with you.
  • Instead of writing, let your kids create a design, social media post, or infographic on Canva to answer the prompt.
  • If you have multiple kids, let each child randomly draw a card to write a response to.
  • Each time you use a prompt, tell your kids they have to write their response in a new way: a short story, a newspaper article, comic strip, or a poem.
  • Give the blank writing prompt cards to your kids and have them create their own prompts! Then trade with a sibling so they can respond to someone else’s prompt.
Holiday writing prompts for kids

Best Way to Print the Holiday Writing Prompts Pack

Printing the prompt cards on white card stock paper will enhance their durability.

You may also laminate them, as you will find yourself coming back to these cards after the year has passed. 

Allow your child to let imagination take over and have fun with these holiday writing prompts!

You never know….

You just may be raising the next best-selling author!

If you’d prefer writing prompts for only the winter holidays, I have a smaller printable pack available just for those. Check it out HERE.

Happy writing!

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