Best Homeschool Spanish Curriculum for Fluency {the Program We Love!}

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There are many homeschool Spanish programs on the market, and you want one that gets results! Read on to learn more about the best homeschool Spanish curriculum that will get your kids truly fluent.

Have you found yourself scouring the internet searching for the best curriculum options under the sun that will teach your young children a foreign language?

Have you spent long days at homeschool conventions hoping to find the one approach that will rule them all and have your kids speaking a second language fluently in a minute?

Ok, maybe not that fast. But this has definitely been my story.

My oldest son came to me one day a couple years ago expressing a desire to learn Spanish. Naturally, I began researching the best way to make this happen. I sat in on lectures at conferences and spoke with the curriculum designers, handed over my money, hopeful that I had finally found the right Spanish course for our family.

But, nothing seemed to stick. Why?

Truthfully, it was a combination of a lack of confidence on my part and curricula that while well intentioned, was lacking the key to learning a new language — immersion

I spent a hot minute day dreaming of a sweet, little old native-Spanish-speaking abuela who would come live with us and teach my children Spanish (and me how to keep my sanity), but that likely wasn’t going to happen. I needed help!

Enter TruFluency Kids.

There are many homeschool Spanish programs on the market, and you want one that gets results!  Read on to learn more about the best homeschool Spanish curriculum that will get your kids truly fluent.
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TruFluency Kids gave me two free sessions to try them out.  And, I feel like I won the language learning jackpot!

After the first four-week session my children and I were speaking Spanish daily. JAW DROP. I’m so impressed. If I could afford to take a class every day of the week, I would definitely do it. No hesitation.

In one month, we were all singing in Spanish about Clara and all of her fun farm friends! It was fabulous! I tried for a couple YEARS to make this happen. With TruFluency Kids, it took only two days a week for one month. So good.

What is TruFluency Kids?

TruFluency Kids offers full immersion style Spanish language classes to a wide range of language learners, from the very beginner to the high school dual language learners looking to sharpen their skills through conversation.

For younger students and older children alike, TruFluency Spanish classes are a great way to add foreign language lessons to your homeschool and build a solid Spanish foundation. And you don’t have to write the lesson plans!

TruFluency Kids Spanish Immersion
  • Appropriate for ages 4-17
  • Flexible schedules
  • Classes offered all week, including weekends
  • Quick and Easy setup
  • Classes taught over Zoom by Spanish teachers who are Native speakers
  • Can be done anywhere, any time
  • Competitive prices for solid instruction

TruFluency makes learning Spanish fun for kids and painless for any homeschool parent!

The Method: How & Why It Works

The founder of TruFluency, Micah Bellieu, came to the same conclusions I did while she was trying to learn Spanish – without authentic and fully immersed conversation, it is very difficult to learn a new language.

Using her own method, Bellieu sought to recreate how we learn our first language.

“The Bellieu Method really is about relevancy, the kids’ interests, and practicality. I took Spanish for 8 years and couldn’t really say much. It felt like I was learning, but when I moved to Mexico, I realized I hadn’t actually had conversations before!”
Micah Bellieu

TruFluency Kids seeks to truly engage each student and his/her interests. They begin by teaching the most used Spanish words first, which means constantly repeating and speaking everyday language.

The teachers are native Spanish speakers with years of experience who encourage students with clever prompting, expressive delivery, and REPETITION. REPETITION. REPETITION. 

Did I mention repetition? It’s key.

Tru Fluency Kids Spanish Immersion

The students are speaking only Spanish in every class from day one — even the very beginners. When students are asked a question, they are taught to answer in a complete sentence.

This was something I noticed right away after our first lesson. My children were not only learning new vocabulary, but they learned VERBS and how to speak a complete sentence.

This is the difference between simply memorizing new words and SPEAKING fluently.

The Short & Sweet of Why We Love TruFluency Kids:

  • Themed sessions. Each session the students learn about new concepts and topics. This increases basic Spanish vocabulary and provides more opportunities to use the verbs and phrases already learned.
  • Our Spanish teacher is incredibly kind and patient! I smile so much listening to her encourage and congratulate my children. We love her teaching style.
  • Even though the online classes are over ZOOM, my kids felt connected to their teacher and looked forward to seeing her each week.
  • The materials and graphics are engaging and age appropriate for kids.
  • Repeated practice lesson to lesson to boost language acquisition.
TruFluency Kids Spanish Immersion

I loved the songs and learning the animal names and sounds! I really liked my teacher.

Aiden, age 9

I liked making the animal masks and playing the Pictionary game!

Colin, age 6

How to Get Started with TruFluency

We have had a great time with our homeschool Spanish lessons, and I think this is one of the best options on the market to help your kids reach their Spanish speaking goals.

TruFluency Kids has made signing up for individual classes or whole sessions a breeze.

Simply go to TruFluency Kids and find a time and day that works best for your family (weekend times available too!).

The price per class depends on the age of your kiddo, and sibling discounts are available.

Check out their FAQ’s for more info.

Exclusive TruFluency Offer

Full immersion with well-trained, enthusiastic teachers works! If you want your kids to be fluent in Spanish, TruFluency Kids is a fantastic investment for your homeschool years and beyond.

Head over to TruFluency Kids to sign up for a class and try the Spanish homeschool curriculum for yourself! Use the coupon code BLESSED20 to take 20% off the cost of your first class session.

I hope this review has been helpful to you as you search out the best homeschool Spanish curriculum for your family!

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