20 Easy {and Educational!} Halloween Math Activities

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Halloween is a really fun holiday for our little ones. During the month of October as we approach Halloween, why not take advantage of this time to do some educational Halloween math activities with our kids?

There are many different ways to add some Halloween learning fun in your homeschool or math classroom. By tapping into a variety of Halloween math activities or simply using your typical activities with a Halloween theme, your students will have fun learning and get to celebrate at the same time.

Best Halloween Math Activities

Adding one of these fun and engaging Halloween-themed activities to your homeschool or classroom is an excellent way to work on important skills this fall. Here are the 20 of the best Halloween math ideas.

Halloween Candy Math Activities

Got way too much Halloween candy in the house? Then use it to do this fun candy math activity!

These Halloween themed math worksheets are the perfect way to put any amount of candy to good use. Including multiplication facts math problems, word problems, data collection practice, and more, your kids will have a good time learning with their pieces of candy. These are also great to use for math centers in a classroom. Grab them here!

Spooktacular Halloween Math Games

Play with numbers and practice your math skills in these fun Halloween math games you can easily make with a popsicle stick set, cupcake liners, and other materials you have on hand.

Halloween Counting Book

Your little ones will get great practice with their counting skills and recognizing different numbers with this printable counting book. Grab the free download and have fun putting the book together.

Kindergarten Halloween Math Pack 

Featuring counting, number tracing, and more, these Halloween worksheets are a great way to practice math skills.

Halloween Math Sudoku Inspired Puzzles

Encourage critical thinking skills and problem-solving with these math sudoku puzzles.

Candy Corn Counting Puzzles

Your kids will get fine motor skills, counting, and number words practice with these candy corn counting puzzles.

Halloween Math Game For Preschoolers

Practice counting and number recognition with your young kids with this fun Halloween math game. This is a great activity for small groups in your classroom as well!

No-Prep Halloween Math Activity About Estimation

If you’re looking for an easy Halloween math activity, you will love this simple, no-prep estimation lesson. Not only will they practice estimating with yummy candy, but your kids will put numbers in the correct order and utilize other number sense strategies to learn.

Halloween Math Fun

Help your little monsters practice number recognition with Halloween objects in this fun Halloween math busy bag.

Halloween Color By Number Printable

Practice number sense and number recognition with the help of this color-by-number activity.

Preschool Halloween Math Worksheets

Use these math worksheets to practice shapes, counting, number recognition, and more.

Combinations of 5 & 10

Work on combinations of 5 and 10 addition problems with this great math activity. Using beans painted to look like ghosts and pumpkins makes it a lot of fun for kids!

Halloween Activities Roll & Cover Math Games

Play three different math games with these easy roll and cover math boards. Your kids will love the different backgrounds, featuring a haunted house, cauldron, or bats.

The Very Busy Spider Counting Activity

Have any spider legs rings? Your little ones will love learning to count to ten in this fun preschool math activity.

Counting Spider Eyes Spider Math Activity

My kids love any type of activity that involves googly eyes! Practice counting to ten with the help of this spider eye counting activity.

Roll & Add Spiders Preschool Math Game

This fun hands-on math game uses spider rings as math manipulatives for a fun and engaging math practice activity.

Candy Counting Puzzles

Practice number sense and counting with these fun candy counting puzzles.

Count and Fill Frankenstein

Mix art and math in this engaging lesson, and play this fun count-and-fill game with your kids!

Spider Counting Numbers Printable Mats

Use these free Halloween-themed worksheets to help learn to count single digit numbers using spiders!

Halloween Skip Counting Cards

These counting card are great for young students to learn how to start counting.

Halloween Math Activities

Use any of these fun ideas in your homeschool or classroom Halloween party to get into the Halloween spirit! Holidays are such a great time to put a new spin on regular math concepts, and take learning to a whole new level.

Which are you going to try with your kids? Leave a comment below to let us know which Halloween math activities are your favorite!

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