Homeschooling in Delaware: What You Need to Know

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Homeschooling in Delaware is a lot of fun! Not only do they offer different ways to try out homeschooling (there are 3), but they have some of the most historical, gorgeous locations for field trips. 

Keep reading to learn more about homeschooling in Delaware… 

New to homeschooling in Delaware? Find requirements, resources, and field trip ideas here.

Homeschooling in Delaware: Requirements

In Delaware, the ages the law requires homeschooling is between 5-16. 

If you plan on homeschooling, it must be declared for the year before October 5th. On July 31st of the following year, you must then report the number of days school was attended for the year.   You can find the forms to take care of both of these on the Delaware Department of Education website.

In Delaware, there are 3 ways that you can choose to homeschool your family: 

  1. Homeschool as a single-family unit
  2. Homeschool as a multi-family unit
  3. Homeschool as a single-family unit that coordinates with the public school system

No matter which option you choose, there are no teacher requirements, and Delaware does not require any standardized testing.

Homeschooling in Delaware: Record Keeping

Depending on the way that you choose to homeschool your children, Delaware requires different types of records. 

Of course, having strong records is important for your kids that are hoping to continue with their education in college, but not everything is essential. 

Homeschool Conferences in Delaware

GHF 2022 Conference is a virtual conference for families in the Delaware region that homeschool. This is a secular conference for families that are working with gifted children and they provide some wonderful tools to families looking for make wise educational choices for their children. 

Homeschooling in Delaware: Community

As mentioned earlier in the article, Delaware allows multi-family units to homeschool children as a unit. 

How it works is that one family becomes the liaison. That liaison is responsible for declaring the students as homeschooled at the beginning of the year and at the end of the year, they must report the attendance. 

This type of homeschooling works well with 2-3 families that don’t have the opportunity to homeschool full time or might have the expertise in one area. If you are a rocket scientist, for example, you can use your skills to teach the kids all about molecules while another parent focuses on literacy. 

If you are looking to homeschool as a single-unit family, here are a few groups that could work for you: 

Homeschooling in Delaware is wonderful and is set up to keep kids socialized  no matter what. 

Fun Homeschool Activities in Delaware

Delaware is so rich with history and is a great state in which to homeschool. They offer some of the best historical attractions as well as some of the most beautiful parks to learn at. 

  • Delaware Nature Society has activities scheduled year round for homeschool groups and is one of my favorites for fun afternoons.
  • Lums Pond State Park has some great ways to get kids moving! With beautiful trails and lots of opportunities to go fishing, this is a great learning opportunity. 
  • DiscoverSea Shipwreck Museum is full of fascinating items from shipwrecks all over the world. It’s the perfect end to our ocean studies and is always changing. I try to visit at least twice a year so we don’t miss anything!
  • OldSwedes Historic Park covers the history of how our Swedish ancestors came to America. They have some great activities for kids 10 and up (or in the 4th grade), including a scavenger hunt which is amazing. 
  • Delaware State Capitol and Legislative Hall in Dover: Homeschoolers can discover the history, government, and culture of the state of Delaware. The capitol building also offers guided tours throughout the week.
  • Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge in Smyma: With the goal of protecting one of the largest remaining tidal salt marshes, this field trip is a great way for students to learn about nature, habitats, and wildlife species.

Homeschool Graduation Requirements in Delaware

In Delaware, there are no set requirements for graduation. Instead, it is up to the homeschooler and their parents to make sure that they are prepared for the next season of life. 

Instead of working toward finishing high school, try working toward whatever your students’ goals are for the next step. Contact the school, trade school or job that your child is hoping to do after they are done with high school and work with them on getting prepared. 

Have Fun Homeschooling in Delaware

Homeschooling will help you create a strong foundation for a love of learning.  I hope this helps give you some ideas on how to begin homeschooling in Delaware!

I would love to hear from you in the comments: what are your favorite tips and resources for homeschooling in Delaware? What advice would you give to new homeschooling parents?

And if you’d love to have a printable resource to use to keep track of state homeschool requirements, key organizations, activities and field trip plans, and curriculum notes, grab a copy of my Curriculum & Activity Planner below (it’s free!):


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