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We love memory games at our house! A couple of months ago, I shared with you a fun scripture memory printable, and today I have one you can use as an easy, fun, Easter family devotional in your homeschool.

Not only can you use this printable as a game, but you can enjoy it as a family devotional activity as well!

Why We Love Memory Games

Memory games have many benefits (other than simply being fun!). Memory games can help kids:

  • work on reading skills
  • boost their working memory
  • build attention and focus
  • increase attention to detail
  • improve visual recognition
  • practice strategizing
  • improve function of their short-term memory

Your kids will strengthen these skills without even realizing it while playing memory games like the one in this post!

Memory Match Game Instructions

This is a great game to add to your Easter learning activities in your homeschool this year!

With this printable activity, your kids will be matching images showing the history of why we celebrate Easter.

Easter Activities for Kids

The PDF download comes with 4 pages: 2 are the decorative “backs” of the cards, and 2 are the actual memory cards.

Make sure to check the margins on your printer and print these pages double-sided. I printed mine on this paper that I like to use for planner pages and other printables I write on, but you could use cardstock as well. I typically laminate mine as well to make them a little more durable.

If you don’t want to print double-sided, you can also print the four pages out, and glue the back side to the cards, and then cut them out. Store them in a small snack-sized plastic baggie to keep them organized!

Playing Easter Memory Match

If you haven’t played memory before, it’s very easy! Once you have your cards cut and ready to go, shuffle them and place them face-down on the table.

Each child takes turns flipping 2 cards over. If they match, they get to keep them and take another turn!

The player with the most pairs wins the game.

Easter Family Devotional

You can also use this printable as an Easter family devotional! As your family counts down to Easter morning, you might like to play this game a few times to help your children appreciate and embrace the reason as to why Easter is celebrated.

When playing the memory game, once someone finds a pair, take a minute to pause the game and allow the winner of that pair to find the corresponding passage in their bible and read it out loud.

Easter game for kids

Allow your kids time to ask questions and discuss the passage. Once all the pairs have been found, close the time of sharing and learning with prayer.

More Ways to Use Memory Match Cards

You might not think there are multiple ways to use any memory match cards you have, but there often are!

Here are a few ways you can use this printable once you have played it a few times the “traditional” way:

  • As I noted above, each of these cards has a short summary and a reference verse on it. Have your kids look up the verses and read them aloud once they find a match.
  • Flip all of the cards so the pictures are facing up, and see if you can put them in order according to how the events happened.
  • See if your kids can memorize which verses go with which picture.
  • I love this one – play BINGO with your gameboards! To do this, print out an extra sheet of cards for all your kids (but don’t cut the cards out). Place the “cut” cards on the table facedown. Your kids will take turns selecting a card and matching it to the space on their board; the first to get four-in-a-row is the winner!
  • Give them some extra memory practice by playing “What’s Missing?” Let them study a few cards (start with 5, and add more if they are too good at this!), then take one away and see if they can figure out which card you removed.

Download Your FREE Printable Memory Cards!

I hope this game will help grow your family’s faith this Easter season, and create a great memory and tradition!


Drop a comment below and let me know: what is your favorite Easter tradition that you do with your kids? I would love to hear about it!

If you’re looking for other Christ-centered Easter activities for your family, you can read about my suggestions here. And don’t forget to grab my Easter Printable Learning Pack as well!

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