Free Dr. Seuss Worksheets for Your Homeschool

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Kick off Read Across America Day this March by adding these free Dr. Seuss worksheets and other fun activities to your homeschool lesson plans.

What are your favorite Dr. Seuss books you’ve read? It’s hard to imagine childhood without them! From Cat in the Hat to Green Eggs and Ham to Sam I Am, most likely you’ve enjoyed a great book by Dr. Seuss with your own kids in your homeschool. My toddler is enamored with Wacky Wednesday currently (we read it countless times each day!).

Not only do kids love the creative drawings and whimsical stories, but Dr. Seuss books are a wonderful way to foster a love of reading and even begin building a solid literary foundation.

And really, they’re just plain fun.

Dr. Seuss’s birthday (celebrated on March 2nd) has become a big annual reading celebration, kicking off Read Across America Week. These free Dr. Seuss Worksheets are a great addition to your homeschool lesson plans this time of year!

Kick off Read Across America Day this March by adding these free Dr. Seuss worksheets and other fun activities to your homeschool lesson plans.

In fact, the entire month of March is National Reading Month, so it’s a great time to plan to be more intentional about reading with your kids and making learning fun and enjoyable for your entire family. Your favorite Dr. Seuss books are a great place to start!

Who Was Dr. Seuss?

Dr. Theodor Seuss Geisel was born in 1904, and he loved writing children’s books. Probably the most popular is The Cat in the Hat, which was a result of him being asked to write a book that would help teach kids to read, using many basic vocabulary words.

I was surprised to learn that Dr. Seuss also wrote political cartoons for the Army during World War II, and many of his books were written to highlight political issues happening during his life (you can learn more about a few of those here).

The rhymes and crazy characters are staples in Dr. Seuss’s masterpieces, and have helped many kids fall in love with reading over the years.

Celebrating Dr. Seuss Day

Why not plan a fun day to celebrate the life of Dr. Seuss with your kids, and kick off an entire month of reading celebration? Here are some fun ideas and educational activities to get you started:

Read a Dr. Seuss biography

Here are a few of my favorite options, with options for kids of all ages and reading levels: Who Was Dr. Seuss?, Dr. Seuss: The Great Doodler, or The Life of Dr. Seuss: A Biography of Theodor Seuss Geisel Just for Kids!

Visit your local library

Some libraries host a special storytime on this day, but if not, you can still head to yours to pick out a new favorite book to enjoy. You might even try finding some of the lesser-known Dr. Seuss books to read, such as The Sneetches and Other Stories or Yertle the Turtle.

Throw a party!

You can plan a party with just your kids, or invite some friends to celebrate Dr. Seuss day. Find some creative treat ideas here (I love the strawberry and banana kabobs – super easy!), dress up like your favorite Dr. Seuss characters, and read some classic Dr. Seuss books.

Dr. Seuss Math

A great way to incorporate some math is to help your kids take a poll of your friends’ and families’ favorite Dr. Seuss books, then create a graph of their results.

I’ve also got some free printables here that you can use to work on fractions with your kids on Dr. Seuss Day!

Do a Simple Dr. Seuss Craft

Pick out a great craft to go along with the books you read, and further encourage that love of reading for your kids. Here are a few fun Dr. Seuss craft ideas to choose from.

Watch a movie

There are many options to choose from if you want to rent a movie made from one of Dr. Seuss’s books! Try The Grinch (it’s ok to watch when it’s not Christmastime!), Horton Hears a Who, or The Lorax.

In addition to all of these ideas, I’ve got some free Dr. Seuss worksheets you can print off and add to the festivities.

Free Dr. Seuss Worksheets

These Dr. Seuss printable worksheets have something fun for all your kids. It includes a Dr. Seuss word search, crossword puzzle, write-around-the-room activity, and a color-by-rhyming sheet.

There’s a page for your littlest learners to label Thing One, and your older students can read a short passage and answer a couple of reading comprehension questions as they learn about Dr. Seuss.

Grab the free printable pack via the link below!

Dr. Seuss Worksheets

I hope you got a great idea or two from this post to honor Dr. Seuss and celebrate Read Across America Day! Drop a comment below – how do you plan on celebrating? What are some of your favorite Dr. Seuss activities?


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