Unique Homeschool Crafts for Your Creative Girls

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There are a lot of aspects of homeschooling that I am good, maybe even great at: planning, organizing curriculum, keeping us on a good schedule, and teaching math (my favorite!), to name a few. But, although I can be pretty creative (need a fun homeschool shirt?), homeschool crafts and art curriculum is NOT my strong suit.

I’m not sure what the problem is, exactly. Possibly because some days we are so busy with our “core” work, art is (sadly) the first part of the schedule to go. Sometimes it’s because I don’t have time to pull together the materials (let alone figure out what I want to teach and how) to do something crafty. It definitely is a problem, because my girls are super creative and love to do anything artsy.

Enter Annie’s Creative Girls Club, a great solution to supplement any homeschool art curriculum!

Homeschool art curriculum is NOT my strong suit....but thanks to Annie's Kits, we are adding some amazing homeschool crafts to our routine!

This was our first month trying out Annie’s Creative Girls Club, and it did not disappoint. Read on to see the fun projects my girls got to make, and learn how you can get a big discount off a kit for your own girls!

What is Annie’s Creative Girls Club?

I love the mission of Annie’s Kit Clubs – they are committed to removing the roadblock of prep-time that keeps many of us from unleashing our creativity in the middle of our already jam-packed homeschool days (can I get an amen?).

From painting and beading to stitching, paper crafting, and much more, there are so many fun crafts to look forward to completing with my girls!

And while this post is focused on the Creative Girl’s Club Kit that I bought for my 7-year old twin girls, you’ll want to check out the links at the bottom of the post; Annie’s has great kit options for moms and boys too (including an awesome woodworking kit!).

When you join one of the clubs, you’ll receive a new ready-to-go kit each month so you have all the tools to create something beautiful at your fingertips.

What Was in Our Kit

This specific kit is aimed at girls ages 7-12. I was thrilled to find that this particular monthly kit contained two crafts each month. The price was certainly appealing as well, so I figured I would give it a try.

This month, the two crafts we received were a Dream Catcher and a Kindness Shaker Frame/Shadowbox. Super cute – my girls each picked their favorite and were excited to get started!

homeschool art curriculum and crafts
Our two kits arrived in separate bags, with all the materials needed inside!

I was really impressed with the easy, clear step-by-step pictures that were included with each craft. My girls could read the directions, but also see what they should be doing along each step of the way.

The step-by-step instructions were amazing and super helpful!

Learning New Techniques with our Homeschool Crafts

Both of these projects used techniques that I myself had never done before! My daughter Carly chose the Kindness Box, and I enjoyed showing her how to do the vinyl transfer and work safely with the super glue.

The Dream Catcher was a little bit more complicated, and took more time as we covered the hoop with yarn and figured out how to weave the “web”. I can’t say it turned out perfectly, but Emma and I definitely learned something new. It also led to a little bit of research and discussion on dream catchers, how they originated and what different cultures believe about them (not included – we added that in on our own).

homeschool art curriculum and crafts
Emma working on her Dream Catcher

I can’t wait to see what new materials they will be working with next month, and what new skills they will continue to learn.

What I Love About the Creative Girls Club Projects

  • I loved that we received two projects to complete! Since I have two daughters, that typically means any subscription box product needs to be shared (or I have to shell out money for two of them). With this kit, they each had a project to complete, and had learned a new skill they could share with each other. If you have only one daughter, you’ll get two projects for one great price each month!
  • The projects were fun, new, and even though they were kid-friendly, they were complex enough not to be “baby-ish”. My daughters had never done a project like these before, so they really enjoyed learning something new.
  • The help needed was minimal. I definitely stuck around to help them get started, but I was able to really let them do most of the work themselves. The step-by-step instructions with pictures was very nice!
  • I love the all-in-one, open-and-go concept. I had no materials to buy, nothing to prep – it’s all there for you! This is a big roadblock for me when incorporating arts and crafts into our homeschool day, so this kit helps me solve that problem.
Emma and Carly proudly showing off their finished projects.

Most of all, I love knowing that my daughters will be learning new crafting techniques each month, and growing in their confidence and creativity…with less pressure on me to get pull all the pieces together! And who doesn’t love getting a fun surprise in the mail each month?

Supplement Your Homeschool with Annie’s Craft Kits

You might already have a homeschool art curriculum, but Annie’s Creative Girls Club can be a fun addition (and a great treat to get in the mail each month!), especially for girls who love crafting.

Annie’s offers more monthly kit options as well…even some for you, homeschool mama! Check out these other ideas below to get your creative juices flowing:

Any of these kits would also make great gifts! You can take 50% off your first shipment of any of the above with code SHARE50.

Get 80% Off Your First Shipment of the Creative Girls Club!

My girls are already counting down the days until their next shipment arrives. I love seeing their excitement over creating and crafting!

Blessed Homeschool readers, I am so excited to share this special deal with you, because I know you are going to love trying out Annie’s Creative Girls Club. Click here to take 80% off your first shipment! Make sure to use coupon code SHARE80 when you check out.

Drop a comment below if you’re giving it a try – I can’t wait to hear what you think!

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