Free Thanksgiving Coloring Pages and Activity Printables

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Are you looking for Thanksgiving coloring pages and activities? Grab these free Thanksgiving printables in this post, plus read about some fun ways to learn about and celebrate the holiday with your kids.

When holidays roll around, we love taking a break from our regularly-scheduled programming (a.k.a. curriculum) to do some fun themed-learning activities. However, sometimes planning for those extra activities creeps up on me, and I end up scrambling, trying to come up with something to do.

You don’t have to worry about Thanksgiving, this year…I’ve got you covered!

Read on for some easy, minimal prep lesson plans and activities you can use to have a great time learning about and celebrating Thanksgiving this year with your kids. And make sure you also grab my free Thanksgiving printable pack before you go!

Are you looking for Thanksgiving coloring pages and activities?  I've got you covered with some free Thanksgiving printables your kids can enjoy this season!

My printable Activity Set includes Thanksgiving coloring pages and other Thanksgiving worksheets to supplement your learning this holiday season.

You can also print them out and use them as stand-alone activities to keep your kids entertained while you prep the big Thanksgiving dinner and festivities!

Thanksgiving Worksheets

You might be teaching your kids about gratitude all throughout the year, but around Thanksgiving our efforts tend to become even more focused on this.

The free Thanksgiving printable pack has a couple of pages your kids can use to practice gratitude. You’ll also find worksheets that help your kids work on some basic skills and vocabulary.

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Let your kids design their perfect Thanksgiving meal with these cute free printable coloring pages included in the printable pack!

You could also give them the coloring pages after learning about the first Thanksgiving meal, and have them re-create the food they may have eaten then.

Are you looking for Thanksgiving coloring pages and activities?  I've got you covered with some free Thanksgiving printables your kids can enjoy this season!

Teaching Kids About Thanksgiving

If your kids are older, you might have already covered the basics about why we celebrate Thanksgiving. But it’s always good to have a little refresher!

Thanksgiving Unit Studies

Unit studies are a great way to learn during the holidays, and they’re even better when they’re completely done for you and ready to go!

If your kids enjoy learning online, you’ll want to check out the Thanksgiving Online Unit Study from Techie Homeschool Mom.

In this mini Online Unit Study, they’ll

  • discover the history of the Thanksgiving holiday
  • explore the science behind Thanksgiving parade floats
  • learn about a presidential Thanksgiving tradition
  • design a Thanksgiving graphic using Inkscape

If you prefer printed materials, the Thanksgiving Unit Study by Amanda Bennett is another great option.

Practical Learning

Of course, in addition to learning about the actual holiday, so many other skills can be taught during Thanksgiving.

The obvious one: let them help you in the kitchen! If you are preparing anything for a Thanksgiving meal, think about how you might ask your kids to get involved and what you can teach them. Cooking, baking pumpkin pie, and being in the kitchen together will make some great memories!

You might also let them help create a menu, teach your older kids how to search for any recipes online, and shop for ingredients.

More Fun Thanksgiving Season Ideas

Run a Turkey Trot

This won’t necessarily teach them about Thanksgiving…but it sure can be a fun activity, especially when you do it as a family! (Plus, why not count some hours for Homeschool P.E. while you’re at it!).

Make Thanksgiving Hats

These free printable Thanksgiving hats are a fun activity to do with your kids the week of Thanksgiving! You’ll find a template for a Pilgrim hat, a cute turkey, and more.

Throw a Thanksgiving Party

Just because you homeschool doesn’t mean you have to miss out on things like class parties!

You can throw a simple and fun Thanksgiving party with co-op friends, or even just another family. We did this one year with my best friend and her kids, and we had a blast. We made butter from scratch, used a simple recipe to make rolls, and enjoyed a meal together. We also played some easy Thanksgiving-themed games.

Another fun (and easy) game to play is “Guess How Many?” Simply fill a jar with candy corn and let all the kids take a guess at how much the jar holds. The closest guess wins the entire jar!

You can even use the Thanksgiving Trivia page from the free printable activity sheets as a game during your Thanksgiving party, or grab these free printable Thanksgiving Bingo Cards!

Finally, don’t forget the crafts, like this cute Thanksgiving Table Turkeys from Kiwi Co.

15+ of the Best Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

Free Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Pages & Activities

Download my Thanksgiving Activity Set below. This pack includes:

  • Thanksgiving Compound Words Match
  • Thanksgiving Patterns Sheet
  • Thanksgiving Vocabulary Page
  • 2 Gratitude Activities
  • Thanksgiving Trivia
  • 4 Thanksgiving coloring pages – create your own plate!

Favorite Thanksgiving Resources from Fellow Bloggers

Finally, if you are looking for even more Thanksgiving learning resources, here are a few fantastic options from some other amazing homeschool bloggers. Make sure to check them all out!

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I hope this post gave you some great ideas for Thanksgiving fun! What is your favorite way to celebrate Thanksgiving day with your family? Drop a comment below — and Happy Thanksgiving!

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