Easy Online Homeschool Solution {A Study.com Review}

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Study.com is an educational platform that offers study materials, courses for 3-12 graders, college credit opportunities, and more. Read my Study.com review to see why Study.com is an awesome resource for online learning in your homeschool.

Finding an online curriculum to use for your homeschool can be hard. Find something that fits your lifestyle, is exciting for your kids, is actually educational, and won’t break the bank…and you’ve hit the jackpot!

Study.com is an educational platform with opportunities for anyone and everyone to learn something new. They offer study materials, courses for 3rd graders to high schoolers, AP classes, and the opportunity to take college courses and earn college credit.

Here are just a few reasons why Study.com is an awesome resource for online learning in your homeschool.

Study.com is an educational platform that offers study materials, courses for 3-12 graders, college credit opportunities, and more.  Read my Study.com review to see why Study.com is an awesome resource for online learning in your homeschool.
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Study.com Review: What I Love

1) Full academic curriculum for homeschool families

Study.com has an entire library of resources with over 84,000 lessons for grades 3-12. If you’re needing just one particular subject, an option for all your child’s core classes, or electives like Art, Spanish, and computer science, you’re sure to find what you need for a complete homeschool curriculum.

Within each lesson is age appropriate, engaging material, to grab and hold your child’s attention. Each lesson is packed with short videos, activities, quizzes, and more to aid your child in their learning journey. 

Study.com's homeschool curriculum

All homeschool courses on Study.com are designed to cover one year of grade-level learning. If you prefer to piece together your own homeschool curriculum, you have the flexibility within Study.com to organize any of the available lessons into a custom created course.

2) Supplement and provide extra support

Study.com’s online courses are currently used by over 32,000 families to support their homeschools. If you don’t want to use it as a stand-alone curriculum, it’s a great way to supplement your other curricula or take advantage of homework help.

There are so many different topics covered, which means you’ll find just about any academic subject your child might need a little extra help with. And their short, interactive lessons have proven to be effective and show many benefits.

So if your child is struggling with a certain topic in basic courses, or even just wants to learn more about something you haven’t covered yet, Study.com has got you covered.

3) Lessons tailored to multiple learning styles

Using a mixture of fun video lessons, transcripts, flashcards and more, Study.com takes a multisensory approach to learning that truly creates a customized learning experience.

Most courses include animated, educational video lessons taught by expert teachers that student can work through at their own pace. Students who are auditory learners will appreciate being able to hear the lesson, while visual learners will thrive with the videos.

Video lessons also include closed captions and printable transcripts, which kinesthetic learners can print out to highlight important information (you can even print a fill-in-the blank option!).

4) Detailed goal tracking and easy grading

Study.com makes it really easy to track progress. After students complete their lesson, they can take a quiz to check understanding.

Study.com automatic grading

These quizzes are graded automatically, and students can see their score immediately. They can retake quizzes to earn a passing score, or move on to the next lesson.

Chapter tests and final exams are also auto-graded and can be retaken, but new questions are generated each time so you can make sure you can see student progress.

As a parent, you can assign additional work as needed, which is included on the same page the assessment results are given. Study.com provides all grading rubrics needed. You have full control over how grades are weighted, and what factors into your child’s final grade.

I love how after an assessment is taken, Study.com shows students a breakdown of their answers. They link directly to a video that can be watched to explain wrong answers, in case kids have trouble identifying what they did wrong. This really helps ensure students understand the material before simply moving on.

5) College credit and test prep opportunities

You’ll find over 220 college courses at Study.com that high school students can take to earn dual credit. Their college accelerator edition is a great opportunity for students to work towards earning a college degree and getting general education classes taken care of.

Taking the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exam will help students possibly test out of intro-level college courses, and Study.com can help them prepare for these, too. They currently offer courses and practice exams for 30+ CLEP tests, which are designed to get your kids fully prepared.

Study.com also provides a variety of study materials, practice tests, and test prep edition courses to help students feel confident come standardized test day. You’ll find classes and practice exams for the ACT, SAT, AP, GRE, GMAT and more.

6) Study.com is easy to use with a busy lifestyle

The Study.com app allows your kids to learn on their own time. So even if you are driving from one event to the next without a moment to spare, schoolwork can be done on the go with ease.

The app offers the same educational materials that you would find online, and it is easy to navigate. As long as your child has a compatible phone or tablet with internet access they are cleared for take-off to the minivan classroom for their Study.com courses. 

A plan for every homeschool family

With different plans to choose from, you have the power to find something that works for your household. Choosing a plan that the whole family can use or a plan just for your homeschooler looking to get ahead for college? Study.com gives you the ability to make the best decision for you.

Check out Study.com for your homeschool

Study.com is an impressive online education platform and a valuable resource. Whether you need a complete curriculum for your homeschool or classes, extra help, and study tips to add to your existing material, I definitely recommend that you check them out.

With instructor support, study scheduling, and an easy to navigate dashboard, Study.com’s online courses will facilitate your child taking responsibility and ownership of their education. They can choose courses they are interested in and have tools available to make learning easy and fun.

There is no free trial, but Study.com offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for all account types, including the annual plan. Plus, Blessed Homeschool readers receive 30% off their first three months. What have you got to lose?

I would love to hear from you in the comments: have you used Study.com to help your kids meet their educational goals?


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