Family Conversation Questions on Faith and Life – A Beautiful Family Bonding Activity

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I know! Life does get busy and when you have younger children at home, and when you’re homeschooling, the days seem to fly by sooner.

As parents and caregivers, it’s important that we’re intentional about stopping, slowing down, and connecting with our family, especially if we have tweens and teens in the house.

Some ways you can do that is with a Family Game Night or taking a walk together, perhaps even baking a sweet treat. 

Ways to Connect With Your Teens

A new favorite activity that we’ve been enjoying is this pack of 80 Family Conversation Questions on Faith and Life.

Learn something new about your family, discuss life topics and grow your faith around the dinner table with these meaningful family conversation questions.

How to use the Family Conversation Questions

Begin by printing pages 3-8 on white card stock paper

Page 8 includes a blank template that allows you to personalize and write your own prompts. 

Feel free to print off additional blank template pages. You could even have enough prompts to take you through an entire year!

Once the card sheets have been printed, cut out each card (using a paper trimmer is the fastest and easiest way to do this) and pop them in an empty container or decorative box, that may be placed on your dining table or homeschool room/space.

Cards get picked by a child, parent or caregiver, randomly. 

Each prompt may be asked to each person around or each person may pick a new prompt when it’s their turn.

I love that this prompt-based activity can happen casually, over the dinner table, or as part of your child’s brain break time while homeschooling.

You can also separate cards into general cards and faith-inspired cards, the latter being a great way to encourage a child in their relationship with Christ. 

Incorporate the Family Conversation Questions into my child’s homeschool routine

I love that these cards can even be used as a writing prompt activity for older children or for younger children as a drawing prompt activity.

Prompt questions like “If you could give God a gift, what would that be?” and “Name someone you admire. Why do you admire this person?” can make great essay writing topics and will allow your child to use creativity and imagination skills to draft that up.

Grab your own set of Family Conversation Questions for FREE and begin using them today in your home and homeschool.


Can you think of other ways you can use these Family Conversation Starter Cards?

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