Homeschooling in Oklahoma: All You Need to Know

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Ready to start homeschooling in Oklahoma? Before you start in any state, it is always a good idea to get the run-down on laws, regulations, testing, record keeping, curriculum, and any other useful information you’ll need to be sure that you’re doing everything you need to. Lucky for you, Oklahoma is one of most homeschool-friendly states! 

Ready to start homeschooling in Oklahoma? Get the run-down on laws, regulations, testing, record keeping, curriculum, and other useful information to be sure that you’re doing everything you need to do.

Homeschooling in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has one of the most lax homeschool guidelines out of all the states. There are no course requirements, no state testing, and no teacher qualifications. They have no requirements when it comes to homeschooling, but there are some recommendations that they have to ensure you can prove that the child is receiving a “proper education”. 


  • School between ages 5-18 
  • 180 days of formal education, 6 hours a day (as appropriate per age) – Notify the school district of your intent to homeschool 
  • School subjects as would be taught in public school: reading, writing, math, science, citizenship, US constitution, health, safety, physical education, and conservation 
  • Records of academic progress 

Do I Need to Notify the District of My Intent to Homeschool?

While this is not required by law, the Oklahoma State Department of Education recommends notifying the school they would normally be attending in writing about your intent to homeschool.

Some schools will also ask that you sign a form stating that you are taking responsibility for your child’s education. 

Homeschool Record Keeping in Oklahoma

It’s not required, so why do it? Good question!

While it is not actually required in Oklahoma to keep any kind of records, I would definitely recommend it. This just covers you if for some reason you had anyone ask questions or want to investigate.

It is also required to show if you ever decide to re-enroll your child in public school, so they know what has been done. In addition, it is very helpful for when you are working on grades and transcripts once your child starts high school. 

Here are the type of things you should consider keeping in your records for a couple years: 

  • Information on the textbooks and workbooks your student used
  • Samples of your student’s schoolwork 
  • Attendance records 
  • Correspondence with school officials 
  • Portfolios and test results 
  • Any other documents showing that your child is receiving an appropriate education in compliance with the law 
  • Record of curriculum used 
  • Immunization records

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Do I Need to Administer Any Testing to My Child?

No! There are no required state tests for homeschooled children. If for some reason you decide to enroll your child in public school, they will have to take a standardized test to be sure they are placed in the proper grade. As far as testing while being homeschooled though, none are required. 

Homeschool Organizations in Oklahoma

There are a couple organizations who provide resources, support, and other incredible sources for homeschoolers. 

Homeschool Oklahoma – Homeschool Oklahoma is Oklahoma’s most popular state-wide organization. They offer support, events, and advocate for Oklahoma’s rights to parent-led and family-funded home-based education. 

Christian Home Educators Fellowship of Oklahoma – CHEF of Oklahoma is a Tulsa-based, state-wide organization that provides support, sports, meet-ups, and other great resources to Oklahoma homeschooling families 

In addition to those two amazing organizations, there are also many great local organizations that I recommend looking into! 

Homeschool Co-ops, Sports, and Clubs in Oklahoma

Socialization is always a concern when it comes to homeschooling, but it generally comes from those who do not homeschool. The amazing thing is, socialization can be found anywhere!

Oklahoma is no exception. With the large number of homeschoolers in the state, it’s no surprise that there is also a wide variety of co-ops, clubs, sports, and other ways to get your kids involved with their peers. 

One of the best ways to find these opportunities is to join local facebook groups. These groups also give amazing support and you can find extremely helpful information. 

Some of my favorite Facebook groups are: 

If you're looking for more opportunities to connect with other homeschooling families, co-ops, and groups in your specific area, Homeschool Hall has created a comprehensive, FREE Homeschool Directory that is super helpful. Homeschool clubs, tutors, curriculum stores, and sports are also listed, so you can find almost anything you need to support your homeschooling.

What About Graduation Requirements? 

Since Oklahoma does not have any laws requiring an accredited curriculum or testing, you are able to just make your own transcript and diploma when the time comes. HSLDA has some great templates you can use when it comes time to create your child’s transcript and diploma. 

When it comes to homeschooling your high-schooler, while there are no requirements, I recommend going by the Oklahoma State Department of Education’s graduation requirements. This ensures that your student has everything they need in case they want to go to college. 

Oklahoma also has some great resources for college readiness that can help students/parents make course plans, discover careers, find scholarships, and find colleges. 

Homeschooling is 100% do-able all around the U.S., but states like Oklahoma make it so easy for families to be in control of their child’s education. It really is an amazing feeling to have the freedom to educate your child without the government interference. 

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And leave a comment below: are you homeschooling in Oklahoma? What are your best tips and resources for other homeschooling families?

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