Homeschooling in Minnesota: Opportunities Abound

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Homeschooling in Minnesota? You’re going to love it! There are many opportunities in this state to help families succeed at homeschooling. Let’s take a look at the requirements and resources you’ll want to be aware of as you get started.

Homeschooling in Minnesota? You're going to love it!  There are many opportunities in this state to help families succeed at homeschooling.  Let's take a look at the requirements and resources you'll want to be aware of as you get started.

Requirements for Homeschooling in Minnesota

If you are planning on homeschooling in Minnesota, be aware that the laws are more strict than many other states. This is to ensure all children receive a thorough education, no matter how their families choose to educate their children. 

Let’s take a look at some of the Minnesota homeschool requirements you need to be aware of. This does not constitute as legal advice; for more information, you can check out the Minnesota Department of Education website.

Intent to Homeschool

The first step is to notify the superintendent of your local school district of your intent to homeschool. This should be done by October 1st after your child turns 7 years old. If you are withdrawing your child from public school, this letter of intent should be submitted within 15 days.

You must continue to submit a letter of intent each year until your child turns 16.

The Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators (MACHE) offers forms you may use to fill out and submit, both initially and on your recurring years of homeschooling in Minnesota.

Required Subjects

When you are homeschooling in Minnesota, there are specific topics that must be covered. The required subjects are:

  • reading
  • writing
  • literature
  • fine arts
  • math
  • science
  • history
  • geography
  • economics
  • government
  • citizenship
  • health
  • physical education

While these are the required subjects, there is no control over how you teach them, so that part is up to you!

Testing Requirements

Each year, your child must take a nationally standardized achievement test. This may sound scary, but it’s not too bad!

The superintendent of the district you reside in must agree with you beforehand on which test you are going to have your child take, however, you are NOT required to turn in the results (simply keep them for your records).

If your child does fall below the 30th percentile on their exam, you are required to have them tested for a possible learning disability.

Homeschool Record Keeping in Minnesota

Minnesota law requires that you maintain documentation indicating that the required subjects are being taught and proof that the tests required have been administered. This documentation must include class schedules, copies of materials used for instruction, and descriptions of methods used to assess student achievement. 

MÂCHÉ Convention

If you’re homeschooling in Minnesota, you’re going to want to put this popular convention on your calendar each year! The MÂCHÉ Convention is held each June and is a fun way to end the school year with other Christian families that are homeschooling. 

It is held at the Mayo Convention Center in Rochester and has incredible speakers that will refresh you no matter where you are in your journey. It’s a very popular convention among homeschooling families!

Homeschool Co-ops and Support Groups in Minnesota

All throughout Minnesota, you can find some amazing groups and homeschool co-ops. Connecting with other homeschooling families can be a tremendous help and means of support, especially on the tough days (and there will be one or two!).

While definitely not an exhaustive list, here are a few options to look into. Some are co-ops that your kids can join and take classes with other homeschoolers, and some are groups offering information, support, and field trip opportunities.

Homeschool Graduation Info

At the beginning of May, MACHE holds a wonderful graduation for students and is one of the biggest in the state. 

If you choose to attend their conference (discussed above), then this experience can be so wonderful. Not only are you celebrating your own graduation, but you will be celebrating with the entire homeschool community that you have built.

Homeschool Learning Opportunities

One of the best parts about homeschooling in Minnesota is that the instructors (that are not parents) are required by law to be certified teachers. This can make classes more educational and fun for the kids. Here are a few favorite homeschool classes in Minnesota:

  • In Apple Valley there is an art school that has classes that are designed for homeschool families. 
  • For your child interested in Drama, check out the Creative Art Center in Burnsville!
  • In Andover, the Bunker Park Stable has an amazing program for homeschoolers to help develop a love for Horses while earning PE credits. 
  • In North Metro, the pool has a swim team just for homeschool families that is a great activity for burning extra energy and socialization. 

You’ll Love Homeschooling in Minnesota

As you begin homeschooling in Minnesota, you’ll find many resources to support families. There are so many wonderful opportunities to meet other families through classes, conferences and co-ops.

How about you? Are you homeschooling in Minnesota? Drop a comment below and let us know what advice you would give to families new to homeschooling in this state!

And if you’d love to have a printable resource to use to keep track of state homeschool requirements, key organizations, activities and field trip plans, and curriculum notes, grab a copy of my Curriculum & Activity Planner below (it’s free!):


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  1. Cassandra H says:

    Overall homeschooling in Minnesota is easy. Plus state law requires the school district you live in to allow your homeschoolers to participate in extra curricular activities such as sports, band, and drama. And the state and schools are very hands off, so while there are reporting and testing requirements, the school and state pretty much just rubber stamps their approval.

  2. Mercedes Wilson says:

    Great post! I definitely recommend using MACHE’s “intent to homeschool” and/or “intent to continue homeschooling” forms already referenced in this post. When school districts send out the intent to homeschool forms, they often request more information than what is legally required. While it might seem harmless to provide that info, it can set a new precedent to require all homeschooling parents to eventually supply all that info. I’ve submitted the forms from MACHE’s website twice already and will be doing so again this year. I’ve never had any issues or received any questions from the school district. Send them via certified mail or follow up with a phone call to be sure your school district superintendent did receive your intent to homeschool or intent to continue homeschooling form. They don’t always follow up to let parents know they received it.

  3. I am very thankful that MN is a pretty laid back state when it comes to homeschooling! We do keep track of everything, but I’m thankful to not have to take the extra steps of sending it in. We love that we can still enjoy being connected through extra curricular activities in our district, too!

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