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Knowing subtraction facts is an important skill for kids to master before moving on to more complicated math problems.  Being fluent in basic facts will allow them to recall them easily when working on harder problems, without consciously having to think about them.  It frees up their working memory so they can focus on learning new things!

These printable subtraction fact cards will help you work with your kids on memorizing their subtraction facts.  They are broken into groups so kids can work on easier facts first, and build their confidence as they go.

The subtraction fact cards are broken up into the following groups by color:

  • -1 and -2 facts (yellow cards)
  • -3 and -4 facts (red cards)
  • Close-together numbers (gray cards)
  • Subtracting 5, 6, and 7 from numbers up to 10 (orange cards)
  • -9 facts (pink cards)
  • -8 facts (black cards)
  • Subtracting 3, 4, and 5 from numbers greater than 10 (blue cards)
  • Subtracting 6 and 7 from numbers greater than 10 (green cards)

What’s included:

  • 81 Subtraction Fact Cards – There are four pages of cards (20 on each page, plus 1 fact on the last page) separated by colors as noted above.  You’ll want to laminate them for durability, then cut them out.  I store them in separate snack-sized baggies by color.
  • Instruction Page – To let you know the order you’ll want to work through.
  • Ten-frame Image – There is one page with a 10-frame printed on it; I like to use counters to help my kids visualize the problems.
  • Addition and Subtraction Practice Worksheets – This is added on as a bonus at the end; a couple of practice worksheets to use with your kids now, or save for when needed!

Product will be available for download after purchase, and you will also receive the download link in an email.

Please Note:

  • Actual item will be without watermarks.
  • This is a digital product download; no physical item will be shipped.
  • Purchase once and print as many copies as you’d like.
  • The quality of the print will depend on the quality of the printer you are using.
  • Items is for personal use only.  Please do not redistribute, share, resell or use the item(s) commercially.

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