A Family Acts of Kindness Sunbeam Challenge


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Love it? Share it!

Random acts of kindness should never be reserved only for the holidays; the Bible tells us we are to let our light shine before men ALWAYS (Matthew 5:16). You can make doing random acts of kindness a year-round-habit for your family, and teach your kids how to let their lights shine with this fun challenge.

Is you family up for the challenge? Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Grab the printable and print it out on white cardstock.
  2. Color and cut out the outline of the sun and glue it to colorful poster board (you can use any color!).
  3. Put the poster on the wall, in a place that will be easily seen each day.
  4. Color and cut out the kindness challenge “beams” and put them in a jar or a box. There is a blank set of beams in case you have other random acts of kindness ideas you’d like to add.
  5. Have your kids pick a “beam” challenge to do everyday. There are really no rules to this part; you can pick one every day, every other day, or have a “kindness week” – whenever your family decides it’s “SUNBEAM TIME!”. Pick them at random, or look through them to decide what to do.
  6. When the activity is complete, glue it to the sun poster.

The more beams, the brighter the sun shines!

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