8 Gifts Every Homeschool Mom will LOVE

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Homeschool moms are amazing. They wear many hats during a typical day to make it run smoothly: lunch lady, recess monitor, principal, teacher, nurse, janitor and counselor (just to name a few). They work tirelessly searching for the right curriculum, creating lesson plans, and organizing field trips and art projects, often selflessly and without need of recognition. A gift for mom that will show your appreciation can make her day!

Homeschool mug
Homeschool mom cup
Homeschool mom mug
Bonus gift idea: this mug says it all!

Sometimes it can be hard to shop for moms and find just the right thing to say thank you or show your appreciation. We’ve got the perfect list for you! Whether you’re looking to simply spread cheer to a fellow homeschool mama, or are looking for a gift for Mother’s Day, Christmas, or a birthday, you’ll find something on this list she will love. (And if you’re a homeschool mom, feel free to send this list to anyone who might need a hint!).

mom gift
homeschool mom
gifts for homeschool moms

Gift for Mom #1: Something Unexpected

I know cards can be overrated, but I just love them. There’s still something about receiving a card in the mail (something besides bills – yay!) or getting a card from my kids that they have taken the time to make or sign a nice message is such a simple, thoughtful gift.

Enter Lovepop Cards – these pop-out cards are so beautiful and really a work of art! The homeschool mom in your life will love the surprise as she opens the card and finds a beautiful paper bouquet (or other style you choose – there are tons!). There is even a little pull-out card you can write a message on.

Bonus: whether she is crafty or not, these cards are sure to inspire some amazing card-making during homeschool art class! You’re welcome, kids.

Lovepop cards
Cards for mom
Fun cards
Unique cards
Click here to see the different styles and choose your favorite!

#2: Something Comfy to Wear

Ask any homeschool mom what her typical daily outfits consist of, and chances are, t-shirts make the cut. Homeschool Style Co. is a brand created by a homeschool mom for other homeschool mamas, bringing them cute, comfy apparel that they love to wear while living the homeschool lifestyle.

The Homeschool Mom State Shirt Collection is a definite favorite! Take a peek at everything else on their website and you’re sure to find a design that’s the perfect fit!

Homeschool shirt
Homeschool t shirt
Find her new favorite shirt at Homeschool Style Co.

Gift for Mom #3: Something Fashionable

I’ve been catching up on recent episodes of Fixer Upper, and every time I see Joanna Gaines in her beautiful Teardrop earrings I think of this shop owned by an amazing fellow homeschool mama.

Crafted by Herr showcases unique and fun gifts created out of leather, such as earrings (multiple styles!), cards, keychains and other accessories. Take a peek at her shop to pick up a fun gift for any mom in your life!

Leather earrings
Leather teardrop earrings
Teardrop earrings
Unleash her inner Joanna Gaines.

#4: Something Personal & Heartfelt

Ok, Homeschool Dads: here is your chance to not only help out with the writing homework, but ALSO score some great points with Homeschool Mom with this heartfelt fill-in-the-blank book from Knock Knock. This book would be great for any occasion, a ton of fun for the kids to fill out – and a keepsake to cherish.

One note – make sure you take a look at the size. This book is VERY cute and clever, but also very small…so don’t be surprised!

What I love about mom book
All the feels.

Gift for Mom #5: Something Sentimental

A big piece of every homeschool mama’s heart is with her children. As a homeschool mom, I love and have many pieces of personalized jewelry with my kid’s names and birthstones on them.

I came across these beautiful necklaces from EFYTAL and was immediately drawn to their simplicity and style. The are made from 925 Sterling Silver, and come in many different designs and finishes. Go check out their collection and pick out a thoughtful sentimental gift for any homeschool mom in your life!

Mother daughter jewelry
mother daughter necklace
Honor the bond between a mom and her kiddos.

#6: Something to Hydrate With

As I balance caring for, schooling, and feeding my kids, it’s easy to forget some of the simple things that go a long way in taking care of my own health (like healthy snacks, or drinking enough water!). A fun water bottle like the Infusion Pro can definitely help with this!

I love the design of this bottle that allows the flavor of fresh fruit to flavor the water (fresh lemons are my favorite in water!). And if you don’t want to use fruit in it, you can take the insert out to use it as a normal water bottle.

This or other similar bottles are a fun treat for any mom on-the-go.

water bottle
Make staying hydrated fun & easy!

Gift for Mom #7: Something to Read

Many of us homeschool moms (and moms in general!) love to read. I Can’t Believe You Just Said That!: Biblical Wisdom for Taming Your Child’s Tongue by Ginger Hubbard is a book that I think every parent should read. It sits in my living room and I constantly refer to it when situations arise during the day (someday I’ll be able to recite the entire thing by heart which will be very helpful).

Ginger offers biblical advice for many opportunities that will arise when training your children, from how to handle whining and back-talk, to how to approach lying and tattling. Her three-step approach is literally life-changing and a blessing for any mom’s nightstand.

Ginger Hubbard I Can't Believe You Just Said That book
Wise words for every parenting situation.

#8: Something for Her Schoolroom

If she doesn’t own a laminator yet…it’s a must-have for every homeschool. This is the one I own; I love it and get so much use out of it.

It’s quick to warm up and works with both hot and cold laminating pouches. I use mine for art work, flash cards, warm-up sheets and much more in our homeschool. Check this one out if this has been on her list!

laminator for homeschool
homeschool laminator
Is she a homeschool mom? Then she wants one of these.

Mother’s Day is a day set aside for making moms feel extra special and extra appreciated.  It’s my hope and prayer that your family, and most importantly, YOU, sweet mama, are blessed even more so during a Mother’s Day unlike any other.  May this be a time of new experiences, new traditions, and new peace.  

Is there a gift for mom you think we should add to our list? Let me know in the comments!

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